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It’s where we connect a global community of freelancers to a variety of tasks to help power the world’s most disruptive companies. You don’t need any special skills to join, simply sign up and complete your profile when you first log in. When tasks matching your profile become available, you’ll hear from us with instructions on what to do next.

People on DoTasks are part-time freelancers who are paid on a per-task basis. Unlike full-time TaskUs Teammates, members of DoTasks can work on their own schedule from anywhere in the world, getting paid per task.

Go to the Sign Up page and create an account. Simply input your email address and choose a password, or sign in with a Google account if you have one. You’ll then receive an email with a verification link. Once you verify your email, you’re all set! You can always contact our support team at if you’re having trouble signing up or logging in.

We cannot guarantee when tasks will become available. But we’re excited to build something new together, and want to thank you for joining Us early in this journey. Make sure to sign up to DoTasks to receive the latest platform announcements!

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