OnePlus is conducting a survey to determine if users invest in cryptocurrencies and, if so, which platforms they prefer.

Image credit: Canva (Blockchain)

The OnePlus blockchain survey is available in the community app. According to the survey’s questions, OnePlus is considering introducing its own bitcoin wallet. The OnePlus poll aims to learn more about cryptocurrency users, including what they use, the issues they have, and how frequently they trade in bitcoin.

The OnePlus blockchain survey, which was noticed by MySmartPrice, includes a series of questions that ask participants if they have ever invested in cryptocurrencies, as well as anonymous demographic information.

The survey is broken down into five sections. The first section requires visitors to provide their basic information.

It then inquires about users’ cryptocurrency investments and how frequently they check the price. Users must choose from a choice of wallets or platforms that they will use to trade cryptocurrency or check the price. Users must also choose whether they want to use the wallet or the website on their smartphone tablet or computer

The survey then questions if respondents have tried any software hot wallets like as Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and so forth. It’s looking for customer input on whether they’ve used any hardware crypto wallets.

Non-Fungible Tokens are the subject of the fourth section of the blockchain study (NFT). It asks basic questions about NFT purchases as well as whether the user wants to make their own NFT. The study concludes with a question on whether people have purchased a used smartphone.

According to the questionnaire, the corporation is working on a crypto wallet and related apps. There is no official news on when this wallet will be released. It may, however, follow Samsung’s lead and build technology that allows customers to safely and securely transact cryptos on their OnePlus phones.

It’s unclear whether the OnePlus bitcoin wallet will become a reality very soon.

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