Battleground Mobile will be released in India on the following dates: Pre-registration will begin on Google Play Store on May 18th.

BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA: Pre- registrations starts from 18th May,2021
BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA: Pre- registrations starts from 18th May,2021

The date for pre-registration for BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA has been announced by Krafton, the leading South Korean video game developer. The long-awaited pre-registrations for the game, developed by Krafton, will go online on May 18th.

Fans will be able to claim certain bonuses only if they pre-register for the game. These bonuses will only be available to Indian gamers.

Please visit the Google Play Store and click on the “Pre-Register” button to pre-register for BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, and your prizes will be instantly accessible to collect when the game launches.

On mobile devices, Krafton’s refreshed game will release as a free-to-play experience. 

For more information on the pre-registration bonuses, we urge that gamers remain tuned, wear mask and stay safe at home. BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA will only be available for download in India.

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