The Amazon Prime Day 2021 deal will begin on January 26, 2021. The Amazon Prime deal will last two days, from July 27 to July 28.

The Amazon Prime Day 2021

The Amazon Prime Day deal is a once-a-year event for Amazon Prime subscribers only. Amazon Prime members will be able to get deals, discounts, and special offers on a variety of goods during the sale.

Starting tomorrow and lasting for the following 48 hours, Amazon Prime Day will offer savings of up to 75% off. With some Alexa-enabled gadgets and appliances, you may also obtain Amazon Echo products for free or at a reduced price.

Do you want to know how to receive the best bargains and discounts during Amazon Prime Day’s two-day sale? Here are 12 pointers to assist you to purchase those goods you’ve been admiring for a while:

Look for extra savings on credit/debit cards

On purchases made with HDFC Bank cards or EMI transactions, Amazon Prime Day sale 2021 will give a 10% immediate discount on specific goods. Keep in mind that this discount is generally limited to a specific amount.

If you’re getting a great price on a popular item, don’t wait

Don’t wait for a popular product, such as phones, appliances, or other technological products, to drop even lower in price. Popular bargain items are typically only available in limited quantities. They’re similar to the items displayed in store windows to attract customers. As a result, there’s a risk they’ll sell out in a matter of hours or the price will go up.

At the very least, turn on your Amazon alerts during sale hours.

Make sure Notifications are turned on in the Amazon app. To access Notifications, go to Settings and choose Notifications. To receive notifications about goods you’ve viewed or put to your wishlist, select Personalised Notifications.

Don’t wait till July 26th at midnight to get in

While the deal begins at 12 a.m. on July 26, you may add goods to your cart now if you want to buy them sooner. All discounts and promotions may not appear right now, but they will be reflected when you check out.

Before the deal begins, visit the Prime Day sale web page

Amazon has already announced which goods and categories will be subject to significant reductions. Examine the website to see if there are any special offers that you might be interested in.

Be on the lookout for Lightning Deals

Be on the lookout for lightning discounts once the sale begins. These bargains are only available for a short time. Wow Deals will be available during the hours of 4-6 p.m. on July 26 and 27 on Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Amazon Assistant may be downloaded

If you are not buying through the app, you may download the Amazon Assistant – which is only accessible for PCs – to receive notifications. It will allow you to compare prices, find new goods, and view ratings, among other things.

Save your payment information (credit/debit card/UPI)

Get your payment choices set and stored before the sale begins to save time and speed up the checkout process. This will be critical, particularly during those last-minute deals.

Look for special offers on certain goods

Amazon provides sufficient information and does an excellent job of separating discounts for individual goods. Keep an eye out for such bargains.

You may save more money by using Amazon Pay

Adding money to your Amazon Pay account may be of assistance. If you pay using your Amazon Card balance or Amazon Pay’s UPI option, you could enjoy some exclusive offers.

If you haven’t already, get an Amazon Prime subscription

To begin, you must be a Prime member in order to participate in the Amazon Prime Day deal. So, if you don’t already have a membership, get one now. For three months, you may spend Rs 329, or for a year, you can pay Rs 999. With various Airtel and Vodafone postpaid plans, you may get a complimentary Amazon Prime subscription.

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